1711, 2014

What is the Google Pirate Update?

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The Pirate Update is a Google Algorithm Update aimed and targeted to protecting our copyrighted materials from being pirated by unauthorized individuals on the web.

Like all updates from Google this update will help and protect us from irrelevant information, non-useful materials, duplicate content, and from plagiarism upon their search engine.

However […]

611, 2014

Make Content Unique to Get More Traffic..

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Now Days Google like all search engines is analyzing our content not just for keywords but also for meat upon the subject matter.

This can be gauged on the different keywords, the amount of words, artwork, videos, and the tone that we utilized in our content that relates to our subject […]

311, 2014

Google Testing Smartphone Compatibility

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If you been delaying on upgrading your website design to make it more mobile friendly due to cost or convenience please use caution.

Because on Sept 30, 2014 per Search Engine Land – Google begun a big test across all smart phone platforms to test mobile friendly icons to see it […]

3110, 2014

4 Ways to Generate Keywords

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Below are 4 techniques that we utilize to generate keywords for content. These techniques can be used for any form of content or inbound marketing and should be considered when you are thinking of your target market that you are looking to reach.

Google Keyword Planner – This is a free […]

2110, 2014

Panda 3.0 Update

By |October 21st, 2014|SEO|0 Comments

As of Friday Search Engine Land confirmed from Google that another Penguin 3.0 Update went into effect, which now will be the 6th update.

This update is going to target spam driven websites, especially those who have been violating Google guidelines and ethics about links.

The folks who have been previously penalized […]

508, 2014

Most Common SEO Mistake

By |August 5th, 2014|SEO|0 Comments

Matt Cutts from Google Department of Web Spam answer the question “The Most Common SEO Mistake” in this short video that was posted on Google Webmaster YouTube Channel on June 4, 2014.

Quick Video Summary:

The Most Common SEO Mistake is NOT HAVING A WEBSITE. If you do not have website then […]

2907, 2014

What is a URL?

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The URL is the Uniform Resource Locator that specifies the Internet Real Estate that you own for your said business or entity upon the web or the Internet. This information is also commonly referred to as your Business Domain.

2407, 2014

What is Inbound Marketing?

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Inbound Marketing is the general concept that you market to have leads come to you and you not to them. Since inbound marketing is time enriched with analysis, involvement, and strategy most business owners put this form of marketing to the wayside. Expecting that over long term that there reputation […]

2007, 2014

How long will it be before I see results from Search Engine Optimization?

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This is a complicated question because if you read the various blogs or news from the numerous experts or companies out there within this space the answers can vary from a day, to week, to thirty days, to ninety day, and so on.

The real answer to this question is it […]

1507, 2014

3 Things to Consider in Title Tag SEO

By |July 15th, 2014|SEO|0 Comments

This is a brief article on what has worked for us to increase website positioning currently and in the past within the search engine results pages.

1st – Utilization of Keywords – When you utilize the page keyword or keywords you tell the search engines what that page is about thus […]