1902, 2014

Guest Blogging Is Dead… or is it?

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Earlier this year, Matt Cutts, the head of Google search spam, sounded the death of guest blogging.  Citing poor backlinks, spammy guest articles, and a growing army of black hat seo specialists building guest blogging networks. Cutts believes that link building via guest posting is something that SEO experts should […]

2701, 2014

Location-Based Social Media Marketing

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The world has become one of sharing.  If we look through our personal social networks, we can learn a ton about our friends and family.  What they’re doing.  Who they are with?  What they’re eating.  Using various check-in features, you can find out where your friends and family are.  Savvy […]

1801, 2014

Using Twitter to Grow Your Business

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Twitter has become a juggernaut in social media and networking in just a few short years.  Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, news outlets, and ordinary people have taken to the microblogging service to share opinions and information.  75% of all businesses use Twitter to drive revenue, provide customer service, and […]

901, 2014

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

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Over the years, marketing seemed to become ever more complex. The mushrooming of various marketing tools and the coming up of new strategies may confuse marketing newbies, more than it can help. Although there is no single strategy that does it all, there is one basic and generic method that […]

912, 2013

Is your Content Strategy Ready for 2014?

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Since the digital marketing industry is ever evolving in terms to trends that are expected to change and to some trends that are expected to emerge in 2014. One trend will always remain the same this is having a good content marketing strategy in place. Since not all companies have […]