7 Tips in Utilizing Video Marketing for Facebook

We at Ozment Media recognize the importance of maximizing multimedia tools for marketing. This is why we also recommend to our happy clients the use of video marketing in their website and social media. In fact, the benefits of using video on Facebook include having potentially viral content, more engagement, and a boost in search engine ranking.

  1. Upload your videos directly to Facebook. Sure, having your video on YouTube can provide a decent number of views, but uploading it directly on Facebook is still more advisable. A video natively uploaded on Facebook automatically plays when someone scrolls down, unlike the one on YouTube which is labelled as a link. Studies have proven that this can bring more engagement and a more sense of branding/ownership.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Try to present your message less than two minutes. Short videos can be viewed anytime and anywhere and have a higher chance of being remembered. The entertainment and information value is still more important than length. Just be careful not to cram everything you want to say within two minutes.
  3. Have a pull within the first 5 seconds. If you can capture the interest of your audience within a couple of seconds, the better the chances of them staying to watch the entire thing and not scrolling down. Make sure that your first frame is enticing. It doesn’t have to be shocking or scary. It can be funny, mesmerizingly vibrant or colorful, or witty. Create curiosity and build suspense in less than 5 seconds.
  4. Add caption. Because Facebook videos automatically play on one’s feed and can be viewed without sound, you need to tell your audience what your video is about. Don’t reveal too much, just enough to make them curious.
  5. Don’t forget the Call to Action. Once you easily learn how to add this option, you can have viewers check out your other videos or act on the message you relayed. Also, make sure that you direct them to your contact information or website easily.
  6. Learn to use Facebook Live. This feature is not only for streaming live events. You can use this to engage with your viewers in real time, give them behind-the-scene access, a live tour of your office or shop, and even a presentation of your products and services on the spot.
  7. Timing is important. Make sure that your target audience are mostly online when you upload your video. Experts recommend around lunch and dinner time with the highest number of active users. You can also schedule posts in case you are not available at your target time.

Visit our blog again for more information on video marketing and other online tools. Better yet, call us now here at Ozment Media for a free consultation. Thank you and have a nice day!

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