1606, 2014

What is Search Engine Optimization?

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the methodology that utilize various techniques both on and off your website, video, or content to make sure your information is the most attractive piece of information in order to be showcased upon the Search Engines Results Pages commonly know as SERPS.

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1006, 2014

How Does Search Engines Determine Quality Content with Little or No Links?

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Matt Cutts from the Department of  Google Spam attempts to answer this question in the below short video from Google Webmasters YouTube Channel.

Quick Video Summary:

In essence they look at the merit of the content on that page and on the domain like they did in the early days of search. […]

3005, 2014

3 Ways to Make Your Business Standout

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Now days regardless of your business type you need to have the ability to draw unique and high quality traffic to your business via both online and offline. This increased traffic will lead your business to higher sales, greater retention, and give you the ability to connect to your target […]

2904, 2014

5 Ways to Maintain Your Site Rankings

By |April 29th, 2014|Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Website Design|0 Comments

With the ways to lose your site rankings is ever increasing with advent of new technology and marketing platforms. It is best to not get buried with lack of activity when it comes to your Business Overall Internet Presence. It is best to try to stay as current as much […]

1504, 2014

Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

By |April 15th, 2014|Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media|0 Comments

In the world of Internet Marketing, there are things that you must learn, do, and take into consideration in order to have a successful online presence or campaign. But before you can act on any particular strategy your company should have your ideas, goals, and objectives written down on what […]

1004, 2014

How to Get More Twitter Traffic

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Twitter is one of the most important social networking sites today.  Businesses, celebrities, and other organizations use this micro blogging service to promote their products & services, efficiently conduct customer service, and learn important things about their audience.  For the above reasons growing your Twitter presence is becoming more and […]

304, 2014

4 Ways You Can Lose Your Site Ranking’s?

By |April 3rd, 2014|SEO|0 Comments

Here are 4 different ways or reasons on why a website can fall within the search results.


1st – Website is Receives a Penalty

A penalty could have been brought about for various reasons when you utilize Black Hat SEO Techniques. Here is a simple list of just a few techniques that […]

2503, 2014

2 Tips on How to Create A Successful Blog

By |March 25th, 2014|Content Marketing|0 Comments

In today’s marketing industry, having a successful blog is one of the most valuable things that any business owner or marketer can do to achieve online success. However, with the very overwhelming number of websites and web pages these days, audiences and Internet visitors are becoming more sophisticated when it […]

2402, 2014

Is Your Site Top-Heavy with Ads? Time For a Change!

By |February 24th, 2014|Affiliate Marketing|0 Comments

Earlier this month, Matt Cutts, the head of search spamming at Google announced that Google has made changes to it’s page layout algorithm, effective on February 6th.  This change affects the ranking of sites with too many advertisements above the fold, or ads that can interrupt the user experience.  Website […]

1902, 2014

Guest Blogging Is Dead… or is it?

By |February 19th, 2014|Content Marketing|0 Comments

Earlier this year, Matt Cutts, the head of Google search spam, sounded the death of guest blogging.  Citing poor backlinks, spammy guest articles, and a growing army of black hat seo specialists building guest blogging networks. Cutts believes that link building via guest posting is something that SEO experts should […]