Facebook vs Instagram: Which Marketing Platform Works Better?

Social media marketing has become a necessary part of almost every business. It is cost-effective, fairly simple to maneuver, and has a wide reach. While the possibilities in growing your business online are seemingly endless, you are first tasked to choose your initial platform.

For the majority, Facebook is definitely the first way to go, but with constantly expanding and evolving marketing trends, will the social media giant be comparable to any other network? Apparently, Instagram, also now owned by Facebook, is here to be not just an alternative, but also a viable option.

Are the two comparable? Many would say that this is a case of David and Goliath and that Facebook has the clear cut advantage. However, others would argue that this is more of a comparison of apples and oranges — they might be both social media platforms, but they are for totally different purposes with entirely opposite functions and that you should not disregard one over the other easily.

First Impression: Instagram is pretty straightforward — its main function is sharing and viewing photos and videos. Through the years it has had improvements in video length, direct messaging, “your day” posting, and overall design, but the purpose remains the same. Facebook, on the other hand, has monstrously evolved from a profile-based website to a staple in social media marketing. It almost has everything: groups, pages, shops, status and multi-media sharing, messenger, events, trending news, and more.

While Facebook has become a one-stop shop, it can become overwhelming with a lot of things happening at the same time. Instagram remains clean and crisp with simple functions, no more, no less.

Reach and Target Market: If you’re looking for reach, then there is no doubt that Facebook, with a whopping 1.4 billion active monthly users, is the right place for you. If you’re more on a niche market, then Instagram’s humble 300 monthly active users might be your haven.

Facebook definitely dominates the mass market, while Instagram is a more hip, non-mainstream option. The former is strong with older generation users, while the latter has proven to captivate more youth and women.

If you’re after engagement, then Instagram is your better bet. More people are turning to this app because of more accessible communication with celebrities and influencers and generally higher interaction rate.

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