How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Over the years, marketing seemed to become ever more complex. The mushrooming of various marketing tools and the coming up of new strategies may confuse marketing newbies, more than it can help. Although there is no single strategy that does it all, there is one basic and generic method that can prove to be effective this is having a solid content marketing strategy.

When it comes to creating this marketing strategy, having the right mindset is essential. This will pave the way towards a clear and effective course that has the biggest potential impact that will propel your business forward both online and offline. One such mindset in creating content is to address the need of your customers or target market. This marketing approach ensures visitors engagement, exploration of your offered solutions both online & offline, and eventually, conversion from visitor to client. The only to get this great information is by:

Speaking to Your Customers

The best way to get insights from your customers’ perspective is to ask them. To do this, you can select among your best customers, the ones you recognize the most with, or anyone who is open to provide information. This can be done by creating an on-site survey or feedback form, asking them through social media, or talking to them directly.

Among the most common questions you can ask them to get the right data include:

  • What are the challenges that prompted you to seek for a solution?
  • How did you found out about us?
  • What types of content are you looking for and what are the ones that helped you decide to finally “buy” the product or solution?
  • Why did you choose us?

The answers to these questions will greatly help in your content marketing plan creation. This is also one of the most cost-efficient and highly effective ways to understand your target audience wants, needs, and desires. For additional questions or comments please share it below.