Virtual Employees

In today’s economy or marketplace we have the ability to leverage virtual employees, offshore employees and/or contractors alike to fulfill any number of jobs or positions within any size company, business, or independent contractor service.

Here at Ozment Media we offer our clients this opportunity to tap into this marketplace by providing a service that vet and screen potential candidates for any number of positions that can be done virtually or home based.

However since every business have different wants, needs, and desires to what these potential employees or contractors may be doing, so is our vetting process for these positions. Our process for these positions is completely tailored to your job requirement needs and wants.

This program is completely based on a contract basis regardless the length of employment. Payment for this service is strictly dependent upon the placement of potential employees and/or contractors.

So if you are looking to outsource a particular job task or duty within your business then give us a call and let discuss that opportunity further for this can become a reality.

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