Non-Profit Fundraising

If you are a non-profit organization and having a hard time on finding ways to market for donations or raising donations then look no further and read on.

Here at Ozment Media, we have worked with various non-profits and causes in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area since we have started and the founders prior to the origination of our organization.

Since the origination we have realized that each organization that we helped had trouble on raising donations, collecting donations, or marketing for donations for their particular cause.

For this reason we have gone out of our way to find a couple of organizations that will work with 501-C3’s on helping them raise and promote their particular without any ties or attachments.

So if you are an organization that is seeking for new possible to promote your cause then contact us today via phone (972) 890-3734 or contact us via web on our contact form. Thank you and have a great day.