Neon Sign Advantages

Here at Ozment Media, we are always asked for recommendations on what kind of signage is best for our client’s establishment. The mainstream choices nowadays include acrylic and panaflex. However, we always make it a point to present viable options because choosing a kind of signage will mainly depend on two things: needs and preference of the client.

For small or growing businesses, we recommend taking a look at a neon sign. The high visibility it brings is perfect for drawing attention in a place packed with standardly lit stores. If you are not entirely convinced in purchasing a neon sign, then below are more of its advantages.

Perfect for Night: A neon sign stands out 24/7 and can be seen even from afar. It will further stand out at night as its bright lights greatly contrast the dark sky. This is why many bars, casinos, formal, dining restaurants, and stores that offer emergency services use this.

Retro Chic: Neon signs have been here for roughly a hundred years now, evolving from a combination of gases to the use of LED and fiber optics. They were quite popular before not only as road signs, but also in majority of establishments in a local area. Now, aside from providing high visibility, they can be used as novelty items or additional accents for 60s to 80s themed businesses.

Versatile Design: Classic neon signs can be molded into any shape or form and are available in more than 100 colors. You can have them customized to your company logo without hurting the budget and taking a long time unlike other kinds of signages.

Low Electricity Consumption: Neon lights are incredibly bright, especially considering their low consumption in electricity. Studies have proven that you can save 50 to 70 percent in cost of power if you convert your signage from modern to neon.

Long Lasting: Neon lights have proven to be quite a value for money as they are durable and eco-friendly. They can last 10 to 12 years, and the only things you have to worry about are wires and cleaning.

Learn more on the kinds of signages fit for your business by visiting our blog again soon as we constantly update it with new information on marketing. Thank you and have a nice day.