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Sole Proprietorships, Businesses, LLC’s, and Corporations in Today’s Economy has a very challenging environment facing them unlike their predecessors back in the 1970’s.

In the 1979, Movie “The Jerk” – Steve Martin was playing the character Navin R. Johnson. Stated one of the most famous lines for yellow pages of all time?

Navin R. Johnson: “ The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!”

Harry Hartounian: “ Boy, I wish I could get that excited about nothing.”

Navin R. Johnson: “ Nothing? Are you kidding? …. I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this book everyday! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity – your name in print – that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.”

In the 1970’s all you needed was the Local Yellow Pages.

Until the Advent of the Internet Which Changed Everything

Below are a few facts about today’s market.

  • Yellow Pages usage has Dropped 55% Since 1999 & Continues to Drop Every Year By 4%
  • 84% of Internet Searches are for Local Businesses
  • 82% of Local Searches results in a Phone Call, In-Store Visit, or a Purchase
  • 63% of Americans have chose the Internet for Local Search over the Traditional Yellow Pages
  • Only about 40% of Small Businesses still have a website
  • 50% of Businesses Spend Less than 10% of Their Marketing Budget Online

For this reason you need to be verse in all of the following:

  • Creative Marketing is marketing your business, brand, product, or service through printed materials some examples of this can be Direct Mail, Magazines, Newspapers, Flyers, Brochures, and Business Cards.
  • Social Media Marketing promotes your business via brand marketing on the various networks upon which your customers or potential customers could be using and wanting to engage with your business some examples could be Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumbler, Vimeo, & so on
  • Content Marketing is probably the best form of marketing in today’s marketplace. Since Google have stated Content is King it is important that your content is unique and fresh for the search engines to crawl and index. However what type of content you produce can be quite different for there is about 12 different types of content marketing vehicles i.e. Website Content, Blogs, Press Releases, Sales Collateral, Social Media, Videos, Article Distribution, Newsletters, and so on.

Since majority of businesses don’t have time to leverage the above solutions. We work with your business to achieve the best results possible within your marketplace by showing ways on how we can increase your local market share, minimizing costs, and maximizing results.

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