XClaim Fabric Popup Display

Here at Ozment Media, we offer a unique display combines both simplicity and dimension, with collapsible framework, locking arms that is magnetic, and super stretchy fabric that delivers push fit graphics. This unique fabric popup display is called the XClaim Fabric Popup Display.


In addition to the above characteristics the XClaim allows the business to offer a custom, sleek, and overall polish solution to any event or function. In addition to the aesthetics of this display, it comes in a variety of configurations and sizes to fit any need, which thus allow endless possibilities for push fit fabrics graphics within any business or function.

Lastly since this display uses a simple magnetic frame that is collapsible and lightweight, it requires absolutely no tools for either assembly or too take down, it is easy to set up and to pack away.

Using a lightweight magnetic collapsible frame, Xclaim displays require no tools for assembly, and quickly set up and pack away.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to fabric popup displays of any type for any function or event you need to have the right partner, upon which offers you the right tools at your disposal to take your business to the next level.

At Ozment Media, we offer a vast assortment of xclaim fabric popup display solutions to met an client needs and desires, thus enabling them to create engagement and enjoyment within any desired target market or event.

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