Video Marketing

Want to step up in your marketing strategy and reach more people in a different platform? Video Marketing is the way forward. Video Marketing is gaining popularity among companies and non-profit organizations due to its perceived high impact and efficiency.

What is Video Marketing?

It is a new type of online marketing which utilizes 2-5 minute videos for advertising products, services, brands, advocacies, etc.  These videos are often integrated with other advertising mediums. They are usually put on the company’s website & social media pages, but most often found on the popular video sharing site YouTube.

Video Marketing is a viable medium since it caters to a wide audience. And since videos are more engaging than static images or texts, it can be a more powerful and a more effective way of advertising. With a creative idea and good execution, your video may even go viral on YouTube and social networking sites. 

Benefits of Video Marketing

More Engaging: Videos are more engaging than static images and texts. With the right combination of audio and visual elements, marketing videos can send your messages clearly and can influence viewers with your aimed behavioral change.

Cheaper Alternative to TV Advertisement: It is a much cheaper alternative to television advertisement. The cost involved in Video Marketing is limited to production cost and this should be much cheaper since it requires less resources. Putting up your ads on the web is considered free, too, as there are many free video sharing sites on the web.

More Efficient Way of Sending Message:  Sending message and influencing behavioral change is much easier with videos. And it does not take much time for the viewers to process information. Creative videos can even provide entertainment which is a very good bonus.

Easier to Spread: Videos for marketing are also easier to spread. They can be integrated with other marketing channel such as company website and social networking sites. People love sharing cool videos, too. So develop a good video and let the people spread it for you.

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