SEO Trends for 2019

Every few months, algorithms change and require us to switch up our SEO strategies to stay current. Here at Ozment Media, we are SEO experts in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We work with our clients locally and across the U.S. to get first page rankings in their niche. We always stay current on our strategies so we can help our clients dominate.

Here are the top SEO trends we have seen in 2019:

Local Ranking is Where it’s at

Even if you are a national company like we are, you will have a much greater chance of ranking for your local market. Yes, you can target the whole nation or global market, but Google will give preference to local companies to the searcher. This is why we put local markers in every blog post and page we write for ourselves and our clients.

Answering Questions in Your Content Will Help You Rank

People are scouring the internet for the answers to their questions. Focus on answering questions in such a way that your audience wants more. This is a great way to lead into a call to action. You will provide enough valuable information that they understand you can help them and then they are more inclined to use your services.

Link Building is More Relevant Than Ever

To build authority for your site, you need more backlinks. Back linking is when your website is linked to another website. This can be achieved through local business listings and guest posts on other websites to name a few.

Understand User Intent

Do you know what type of experience your audience is expecting to find when they get to your website? Do they want to see a lot of images or videos, or mostly text? It’s highly important to tailor your user experience to the keywords you are targeting.

To see if your chosen terms are going to attract the right users, you need to check the SERPs to see what types of websites are ranking for the phrases you are targeting. For example, if review sites are at the top of the results and you don’t have a review site, then you should move on to other keywords that lead to sites that are similar to yours.

Get in Touch With Us For an Effective SEO Strategy

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