What is Black Hat SEO?

Black Hat Search Engine Optimization is the utilization of search engine marketing techniques that is trying to trick the search engines to rank your information, video, or site faster than the allocated process. Which if caught can result in getting your website penalized and/or banned by the search engines.

These techniques can vary depending on the methodology that the practitioner could be using. Some of the techniques can include the following.

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Utilization of Doorway Pages
  • Link Spamming
  • Duplicating Content
  • Hidden Links or Text
  • Cloaking Text, Images, or Coding
  • Sneaky Redirects

So in short if you are not sure which way to go or if you are violating some type of rule the best of rule to go by then is just don’t do it and ask an expert.

For if you engage into this behavior you are taking the chance of getting your site either penalized or banned. Once one of these things happen then you must go through an appeal process to be reconsidered by the search engines.

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