3 Reasons Why You Should Include Videos

In todays marketplace with technology changing faster than you can turn your head. Companies must be able to adapt in order to remaining competitive and to keep a competitive edge within in the local marketplace and national markets.

For this reason we are discussing one of the ways that we have found to work which is to create videos for our clients i.e. testimonials, web cams, product or service demonstrations, training, customer service, special promotions, geo targeting, and much more.

Below are the 3 reasons on why this works:

1st – It Sync’s the Business with Today’s Technology & Marketplace

Videos is some of most highly sought after content via all search engines like Google, Bing, & Yahoo and social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram.

Having videos within your portfolio of marketing materials enable your company to leverage not just time but technology as well.

2nd – Saves Time & Improves Trust

Unlike websites, newsletters, social media, and blogs when you create a video and launch it to a channel like YouTube you are done.

Yes on YouTube you can make changes to Title Tags, Descriptions, and Tags overall.

However in essence build and launch and reap the benefits for the lifetime of your business.

Lastly videos as a whole is more often viewed as a trusted resource because our customers are able see, hear, and consume your information.

3rd – It Promotes the Business 24/7

Since videos can not be changed or really modify after being launched on channels like Vimeo or YouTube it enables you to promote your business or company 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Thus allowing you to be ever present and broadcast your business message across all networks via social and non-social media while you or your organization may be away, asleep, or just taking a break.

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