3 Things to Consider in Title Tag SEO

This is a brief article on what has worked for us to increase website positioning currently and in the past within the search engine results pages.

1st – Utilization of Keywords – When you utilize the page keyword or keywords you tell the search engines what that page is about thus help the page index correctly.

2nd – Geography – The geography will help your keywords stand out within the search results and will make the information to appear more tailor in terms of local search. However keep in mind there over 250 different keyword, geography, state abbreviation, and state combinations that can be comprised for any local search term.

3rd – Keyword or Keywords Placement within the Title Tag – The Title Tag authority is weighted left to right. So the strongest words in the title tag are the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd words. So be aware and make the most use of your information.

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