4 Kinds of Content for Print Ads

In the competitive world of advertising, having the right content might determine which brand is a cut above the rest. This is why here at Ozment Media, we recommend that one of the most important factors to consider when creating a print ad is the content and whether it is appropriate for your product.

To give you a glimpse in creating powerful collaterals, here are the kinds of content usually found in print advertisements.

  • Testimonial —Whether a quote or a full story of a person, testimonials are great for businesses establishing their credibility and brand identity.
    • Celebrity Testimonial — Having a celebrity or known personality endorse your product or service definitely goes a long way. It is a plus when your endorser has credibility in the field. For example, sports brands such as Nike and Under Armour make use of famous athletes in their advertisements. Hey, if Stephen Curry is using it, it must be great, right?
    • Ordinary Person Testimonial – Having satisfied customers with the right background attest to the effectiveness of your product or service can definitely entice more people to use it. With having average John Does praising your brand, your target market will be able to relate more to your message.
  • Information —Using statistics and facts can help your brand gain more credibility. For example, when you promote a new brand of food, it is definitely appealing to your target market when you highlight the key ingredients of your product and how safe it is compared to others.
  • Emotional Pull — It greatly helps that before you select which kind of ad to use, you have already determined the feel that your product brings out from people. For example, if you are selling insurance, it is advisable that you target both fear and security; and when you are promoting deodorants or breath mints, you want to sell the feeling of being desired.
  • Repetition — When your product is placed in a huge pool of competition, aside from highlighting its difference, you need to make your brand visible. Having your brand repetitively mentioned in eye-catching design requires minimal content, but more on manpower.

To further help you develop your content for your ads, give us a call at Ozment Media and have a free consultation today.

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