4 Ways You Can Lose Your Site Ranking’s?

Here are 4 different ways or reasons on why a website can fall within the search results.


1st – Website is Receives a Penalty

A penalty could have been brought about for various reasons when you utilize Black Hat SEO Techniques. Here is a simple list of just a few techniques that can cause a penalty.


–        The Usage of Duplicate Content

–        Keyword Stuffing

–        Cloaking Content

–        Door Way Pages


2nd – Algorithm Update

An algorithm update is where the search engine changes the calculation matrix that they use to determine the placement of the search results with every website that they have indexed within there database.


Some of the updates are very minor will others have a more lasting impact i.e. Hummingbird, Panda, & Penguin to name a few.


3rd – Hired a Better SEO Service

Not all SEO services are created equal in terms of service, techniques, and ethics. Some SEO Companies may not instruct that they utilize Black Hat SEO or White Hat SEO Techniques.


For this reason before you hire a company or change companies always ask whatever company or service your considering a list of few customers so you can inspect there work and ethics.


4th – Other Sites are More Authoritative

Lastly sometimes your site could lose rankings just because you are not the best on the block anymore in terms of search. Here is a list of some of though reasons i.e.


–        Content Strategy or Lack of Content

–        Social Media Presence

–        Mobile Search Friendliness


With above being ever present the possibility of losing site rankings is inevitable without a good Internet Marketing Strategy in place. So be sure to be ever present and mindful of your company or business strategy, execution, and future plans. This could help prevent this from ever occurring.


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