Personal branding is no longer just a vanity tool. For many entrepreneurs, keeping their lifestyle and entire personal life private is important, but nowadays, becoming their company’s own brand ambassador can greatly help their business. In fact, building one’s personal brand can be as equally important as establishing the company’s.

For those who are new to personal brand building, here are quick and easy tips to follow.

  1. Know your identity or personal branding. What kind of persona do you want to have? The best way to do this is by knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Ask yourself: Why would people like you? At the same time, which habit of yours would make them tick? You can be seen as funny and laidback, a family man, or a well-rounded entrepreneur.
  2. Identify your goals. What is your goal for using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media tools? Do you wish to reach more customers or establish new business partners? Establish your long term and short term goals so you can plan ahead on the kind of images and posts you will show to the public.
  3. Be as candid as allowable. Audiences generally like seeing the “human” side of people. Post photos of you and your family on a Sunday; go Facebook Live while going out with friends; or candidly express positive emotions to your loved ones. People appreciate authentic stories more instead of constant marketing promotions. Just be careful not to get “too candid.”
  4. Understand your audience. Once you get to posting, learn to study their reactions and feedback. This will help you mold your next posts. It is also important to read up on the latest and upcoming trends, news, and competition.
  5. Establish yourself as a credible source of information. You can start by sharing news or information that is both interesting and useful to your audience. Later on when you are starting to get interactions or engagements, you can add your own insights and recommendations. People will trust whatever you’re selling when they see that you are an expert in your respective field.

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