Brochures vs Flyers vs Leaflets: Which Print Tool is Effective for You?

Here at Ozment Media, we are often asked for recommendations on which marketing tool would be most effective to our clients’ company. When it comes to traditional, below-the-line or straightforward marketing, hand-outs such as brochures, flyers, and leaflets are definitely staple print materials. Despite being classic marketing tools, many people still can’t differentiate their functions.

Here is a quick comparison of the three print tools.

Flyers: They are highly affordable, simple, direct, and disposable. People consider this as the number one throw-away marketing tool because it only takes a couple of seconds to look at its content before they throw it away. In those few seconds, the flyer’s purpose is to create a strong first impression through the right combination of a strong design, brief and concise message, evoking headline, and possibly a time-sensitive announcement or promo.

Tip – This tool is highly recommended for events, sales, promos, and quick & simple fact or product sheets.

Leaflets: If you’re after an upgraded version of a flyer, then leaflets are your next best bet. They are relatively the same size as flyers but made with better quality paper and are usually colored. Since leaflets can appear to be less disposable and more professionally put together, they can be used for more formal or corporate events.

Tip – This tool can be used as hand-outs in corporate functions and meetings and can be inserted in local newspapers or magazines.

Brochures: A brochure or pamphlet is made of a single sheet folded into two to three sections and is printed on back to back, usually colored. It usually requires more content, better quality of paper, and a more engaging & thematic design. Brochures are generally used to give a brief description of the company, its services, and its unique selling point. Opposite of flyers, they are considered as take-away so they should serve as a complementary to a presentation and can be kept for reference in the future.

Tip – This tool can be used in sales pitch, reference guide, and addition to direct mail.

For more information on how to utilize print tools, please visit our blog soon. You may also call us and have a free consultation for your marketing needs.

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