Google Testing Smartphone Compatibility

If you been delaying on upgrading your website design to make it more mobile friendly due to cost or convenience please use caution.

Because on Sept 30, 2014 per Search Engine Land – Google begun a big test across all smart phone platforms to test mobile friendly icons to see it they were compatible to mobile in terms of search. If these sites passed then they received a mobile friendly icon next to it and if they failed they did not.

Then another update on this test rolled out on Oct 14, 2014 Search Engine Land reported, as well as we have noticed that Google have expanded it test to include non-mobile friendly icons within search. This information is being communicated not with a icon but with just plain light gray text next to the links stating “Mobile-friendly”.

Really at this point no one really knows if Google is looking to penalize non-mobile friendly websites due to poor consumer experience or if it is simply gathering information for a later date.

Whatever the case may be though we suggest that you take precautions on protecting your business by making your current platforms compatible for mobile search.

For one thing is for certain, Mobile Is Not Going Away so we need to make sure that our target audience or market is receiving a positive experience when they visit our sites.

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