Guest Blogging Is Dead… or is it?

Earlier this year, Matt Cutts, the head of Google search spam, sounded the death of guest blogging.  Citing poor backlinks, spammy guest articles, and a growing army of black hat seo specialists building guest blogging networks. Cutts believes that link building via guest posting is something that SEO experts should stop.  While the reasoning behind his comments may ring true, guest blogging can still be an effective way to develop high quality backlinks to your site.


What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is exactly what it sounds like.  You create content for another site that’s related to your niche.  In exchange, the owner of that website allows you to post a link back to your site.  This can increase page rank, domain authority, and help you gain respected authority within your niche.  These are pretty great benefits, but for them to help your marketing efforts, you must focus on the following:


Quality, not quantity!

Just because you may have the ability to post articles to hundreds of sites doesn’t necessarily mean that you should.  Focus your time on finding high-quality sites to share your content.  Reputable sites will have a good deal of their own content, will put their marketing efforts behind your posts, and be of a general high quality.  Let’s say that you’re selling social media consulting services.  Would you rather post on a blog with a huge domain authority and page rank, or some teenager’s Tumblr blog?


Build Relationships 

A link from a good site is awesome becoming a regular poster on a high-quality site is even better for it will enable you to create more high quality links to your site.  In addition it will grow your reputation within the industry, and develop a following beyond your own website.

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