How long will it be before I see results from Search Engine Optimization?

This is a complicated question because if you read the various blogs or news from the numerous experts or companies out there within this space the answers can vary from a day, to week, to thirty days, to ninety day, and so on.

The real answer to this question is it depends on numerous factors. Some of the factors that you can be considered are:

  • Domain Age & Relevancy
  • Content & Keywords Relevancy
  • Links to the Site or Lack of Links to the Site
  • Social Media Integration & Accounts
  • User Friendliness via Different Platforms
  • Algorithm Changes per the Search Engines
  • And So On… This list can hold a ton more variables

So if you run across someone or company who claims that they can guarantee results in a certain amount of days or any time period. I would suggest that you run the other way as fast as you can for there is no guarantee when it comes to the web because over 10,000 sites are uploaded daily to the Internet.

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