How Newspaper Ads Can Be Powerful

Before you start building your contemporary, out-of-box online marketing front, it is advisable to get acquainted with all of the traditional forms of advertisements and marketing strategies — the very walls that you will soon break once you are on the right track.

Despite the growing powers of the Internet, newspapers are still powerful tools for advertisements, depending on the kind of audience you are targeting and the budget you are allotting.

Newspapers are relatively affordable because the publication has a wider variety of packages that can meet your budget. The challenge, however, is that the life of your ad only lasts until the next issue; and that would usually be tomorrow. Also, newspapers have poor production quality compared to other print media, and that you have to make sure that your ad is big enough and placed in the right area.

Tips of the trade:

  • Have your ad placed in an established publication so that you will instantly get the prestige that it brings.
  • Determine if your target market is usually aged 30 and above, and if they are the type to read dailies on a regular basis. Because newspapers have a broader audience, you need to determine which publication is best for your brand, not only your budget.
  • Make sure that your ad is placed properly. According to Marketing Minefield, it is always a good idea to place them on a right-hand page so that they are the first things that readers will see.
  • Leave room to have follow-ups. Vice President of Justice & Young Advertising and Public Relations in Cincinnati, Ohio Rodger Roeser said that readers need to see an ad around 17 times before it actually registers in their memory. Unless your content is controversial or really striking, your ad might not reach its full potential if placed in newspapers only once.

For more ideas on how to fully utilize newspaper ads and other traditional forms of print advertisement, give us a call at Ozment Media. We are also here for your online marketing needs.

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