How to Create a Great Outdoor Signage

Ways on How to Create a Great Outdoor Signage

Your outdoor signage is considered as the first impression that your brand will give to your potential clients. In spite of the growing world of online marketing, sometimes, a signage can determine whether people will actually enter your shop or not.

Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when creating an outdoor signage.

  • Know all the kinds and sizes available for your space. Are you going to stick to a traditional banner-type signage? Is your space enough for something bigger? Is your business open to getting more modern signs like LED?
  • Get to the point. With one look, people should get what your signage should be able to convey your message immediately. Avoid adding too much information and at the same time don’t forget to relay everything that you need to say. A general rule for this is the shorter, the better.
  • Leave a call to action. After reading the signage, what now? Are they going to call you? Enter the shop? Ask for assistance? Tell them what you want them to do next in a clear manner.
  • Watch out for the font. As much as you want to be creative in creating your signage, it is still better to have simple and readable font. Usually highlighting your brand’s name or certain words helps.
  • Take time in determining the right color combination for your text, logo, design, and background. Here are the top 15 color combinations ranked accordingly by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA).
  1. black on yellow
  2. black on white
  3. yellow on black
  4. white on blue
  5. green on white
  6. blue on yellow
  7. white on green
  8. white on brown
  9. brown on yellow
  10. brown on white
  11. yellow on brown
  12. red on white
  13. yellow on red
  14. red on yellow
  15. white on red
  • Gather feedback. Before you actually print your signage, ask people, like your existing clients, strangers, and even friends, what they think and how does it make them feel.

For more tips in creating a signage, give us a call at Ozment Media and we will help you solve your business’ marketing needs in both online and print.

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