How to Get More Twitter Traffic

Twitter is one of the most important social networking sites today.  Businesses, celebrities, and other organizations use this micro blogging service to promote their products & services, efficiently conduct customer service, and learn important things about their audience.  For the above reasons growing your Twitter presence is becoming more and more important.  As the Twitter-verse becomes savvier, generating an audience becomes more difficult.  These tips will help you to drive more followers to your account, which can only help your business.


Make it Personal

The best Twitter accounts have a human face to them i.e. ……  So instead of uploading your brand’s logo as a Twitter profile image, try uploading a picture of yourself. If you’re not too comfortable with your face being out there, hire an artist to design a cartoon image for you or a caricature for the company!


Share Valuable Content – Even if it isn’t yours

People will be more likely to follow your Twitter account if you’re engaging, entertaining, and informative.  Don’t just tweet sales messages about products or services.  Send out informative posts by industry leaders, trade groups, and other sources that your audience will appreciate and enjoy.


Post Regularly, But Not Too Much

It’s important to maintain your presence on Twitter by tweeting frequently.  It’s also important to not alienate your followers by tweeting something every five minutes.  There are many services that will allow you to spread out your tweets throughout the day.  Some options available are both Buffer and Hootsuite these have both a free and premium options for individuals and businesses.


Provide Incentives to Increase Twitter Traffic

Another way to generate Twitter Traffic is to offer them something in return for a favorable action.  This doesn’t have to be something that is going to destroy your business or break the bank account.  Your offer could be as simple as a 10% coupon for anyone who retweets your message or maybe a free cookie with the purchase of a dozen if they either retweet your message, follow your company, favorite your message, and so on. The possibilities on this are endless if you use your imagination.


Promote Your Twitter Account

If your business is local within the marketplace then you may want to promote your Twitter account in all of your advertising avenues i.e. On Your Door & Windows, Yellow Pages, Business Cards, Websites, Radio Ads, Television Ads, Videos, Publications, and Sales Collateral are just a few ideas.


Twitter if used correctly can only enhance your business by driving traffic to your site or business location, increasing the business sales, or enhancing customer service. But what makes Twitter great though, it’s absolutely free to anyone and to any business to join and enjoy.


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