After being released in 2002, LinkedIn was seen as an unstoppable force in social media. It had a strong tug among professionals with a simple, straightforward design, which led to having hundreds of millions of subscribers. Now, after years of slowly being overshadowed by other social media giants, it is being considered by many marketers and entrepreneurs as a phased out marketing tool.

Here at Ozment Media, we are always asked by our clients which social media platform is the best fit for their needs. Having a solid Facebook page and an attractive and user-friendly website is definitely important, but don’t discredit LinkedIn just yet. Below are some of the reasons why this site can still be seen as a dark horse in the marketing arena.

Quantity Over Quality: With Facebook’s whopping 1.7 billion active users, LinkedIn only has a staggering tally of 106 million. However, the social media platform boasts that most of its active users are ripe audiences that are ready for picking. Most of its users remain to be either working professionals or business-minded individuals, hence, you can find a huge pool of people in your industry who can be potential clients, partners, or employees.

If you want to further streamline your search, LinkedIn’s Advance People Search lets you target a specific audience based on their job position, company, location, industry, and even skill sets.

Solid Relationships: One of the best features of LinkedIn is its groups which boast of thousands of members in the same industry as you who actively engage in exchanging quality content. Since most people enter this platform to connect with professionals, it is crucial that you first build a profile that will showcase your and your company’s services, unique selling points, and recognitions.

Utilizing Employees and Overall Brand Experience: With the current marketing trend is mainly about selling the experience rather than the actual product or service, you can utilize LinkedIn’s various tools to your advantage.

One is by publishing blog articles. Though this may seem simple and doable in other platforms, bear in mind that more people in the same industry as yours can be reached and will likely read and appreciate your content.

Second is by having your employees spread your brand identity throughout their connections. By carrying the name of your company, they are actively spreading how you positively handle customer and employee relations.

Learn more about how LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites will boost your marketing and sales by visiting our blog from time to time. Thank you and have a nice day!