Is your Content Strategy Ready for 2014?

Since the digital marketing industry is ever evolving in terms to trends that are expected to change and to some trends that are expected to emerge in 2014. One trend will always remain the same this is having a good content marketing strategy in place. Since not all companies have a strategy in place below are a few a tips or ideas that we would suggest that you consider.

  • You may need to rethink your overall marketing strategy. It’s not so much about the brand anymore but the experience and satisfaction of your audience. Traditional marketing strategies that highlight the brand have proven less effective compared to content that indulges, entertains, informs or educates your target market.
  • Evaluate your overall content successes in terms of search, relevance, social, and geography. This can be your basis in knowing what questions people are asking, and what they are looking for. Along with providing your business the basis on which direction to take in terms of you’re content marketing strategy.
  • Explore other channels in content creation i.e. pictures, testimonials, blogs, reviews, videos, product specifications, service information, local listings, eBooks, and so on. Always keep in mind that your content needs to be inviting and interesting this will create a more user-friendly experience and promotes engagement and even potential social shares within your target market.
  • Create content destinations for your target market. These destinations will invite visitors to engage, explore, and participate. This technique will not only help build your brand, trust, and relationship with your target market but it can also become another source for revenue.
  • Make your content mobile friendly. Since everyone now a days are on the go you want to make sure that your content is user friendly for any and all devices i.e. smart phones, tablets, iPhones, androids, laptops, and desktops.

Lastly when considering these points we hope that these will help you or your business create a more effective content marketing strategy for now and in the future. For additional questions or comments please share it below.