Magazine Ads: A Niche Tool that Delivers

Known as one of the highest quality print mediums up to date, magazines are usually used to cover a certain niche. From fashion to sports, there is a high chance that there is a certain publication that can fit perfectly to your advertising and marketing needs.

Magazine ads usually cost higher than newspapers because they provide higher quality prints. However, compared to the latter, your ad will have a longer life and you will have access to a more segmented audience.

Tips of the trade:

  • Make sure that you have researched all of the magazines not only in the country, but also in your area. Surely, there are specific magazines for a community or organization that are more affordable and accessible to your target. Many experts advise to start in smaller niche magazines instead of heading straight to the national level.
  • Because you are free to be more creative in designing your print ads compared to newspapers, have your layout artist or marketing firm give you the best layout possible. Also, magazines are published every month or so, hence, you have the time to make your ad as clear and attractive as possible.
  • Don’t forget the timeliness. It is a good tip to have ads that are not only brief seasonal promos.
  • Is online the better option? Nowadays, magazines and newspapers usually have online counterparts. Try to look in if you can save and reach more people by using the publication’s online front.
  • Find out if the editorial team has events that you can join. Many magazines hold or sponsor concerts, exhibits, and other activities that can possibly show your logo or even give you a booth.

Here at Ozment Media, we believe that there is more to placing an ad or content in a certain medium. This task requires market research and creative and innovative content and design ideas. Contact us now and have a free consultation on how to properly exhaust all your marketing efforts.