Make Content Unique to Get More Traffic..

Now Days Google like all search engines is analyzing our content not just for keywords but also for meat upon the subject matter.

This can be gauged on the different keywords, the amount of words, artwork, videos, and the tone that we utilized in our content that relates to our subject matter.

However when it comes to benefits there are 2 traditional benefits that relate and promote more traffic to any given website or business.

The Number #1 Benefit to this updated approach is that it delivers a more valuable unique experience to our end users, which will create trust and credibility.

The Number #2 Benefit is that anyone who is good at content curating can potentially utilize this new found knowledge and get ranked for a whole lot of different long tail specific keyword combinations within the same page of content.

Great Example of this would be the term Website Design on the Wikipedia page of Web Design.

  • Website Design was used only once in this page of 3500 plus words and is ranked on the 1st Page of Google for Website Design. Click here to view this page.

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