Tips on How to Utilize Email Marketing

With the continuous spams that we are receiving and the pop up ads that are not going away, many people are asking: Does email marketing still work?

Here at Ozment Media, we can give a loud, “yes.” Email marketing is highly cost effective, potentially personalized, and interactive. It is a great tool to use for sending announcements, promos, and links to photos or videos that you want your market to see. Aside from the marketing side, you can also interact with your clients for reservations, inquiries, and feedback.

The main concern with email marketing is how to avoid your brand from being associated with spams, and to start becoming your clients’ go-to online contact. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Have your staff gather email addresses. In order to build your initial client database, the best way to start is by having your own people gather email addresses. However, you have to orient them that they need to be courteous and precise in what they say. Nowadays, more and more people are careful in giving out their email addresses, so your employees need to be warm enough not to draw caution.
  • Do not spam your clients. Keep close track of the frequency of your emails. Try to keep it once a month at most.
  • Offer incentives. To avoid getting placed in the spam folder, give away occasional email coupons, sale announcements, or freebies that would excite your customers in reading your emails.
  • The subject line is everything. When creating your content, your first task is to make sure that your subject is eye-catching enough for your clients to actually open your email. Remember, your email will be rendered useless if they don’t actually open it.
  • Keep your tone personal. Be chatty if you have to. Don’t make it sound like a simple announcement. Some businesses even enter every client’s name, while others enter a name of a staff that the client can address a response to.
  • Don’t try to say everything in one email. Make sure to keep your email short and sweet. Determine what message you want to leave to your clients.

Email marketing can be tough at first, however, when executed properly, it has the potential to exponentially increase your sales and develop a deeper relationship with your clients. Let us help you in your online marketing front by giving us a call here at Ozment Media.


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