When Do You Use Direct Mail for Marketing?

They say direct mail is dead, but on the contrary, we at Ozment Media see this tool as repurposed and more focused now. There is no doubt that technology has changed the game of marketing by establishing unconventional and cementing traditional marketing tools. Direct mail has become a niche tool and an alternative to email. Still, when used properly, it can bring in more traffic, help build customer relations, and overall boost sales.

The question now is: When do we use direct marketing? Below are some of the many uses of this tool.

Target a specific demographic: Direct mail can zero in on a specific demographic and location. It is highly effective for local marketing because you can effectively reach people in the neighborhood or community with every letter or postcard. You can also use this to convert traditional or offline audiences and lead them to your social media or website. Try considering this for local events, open house, or any form of invitation to visit your shop.

Make your message more personal: Consider direct mail as an alternative to door-to-door sales. The moment your target customers receive your letter or post card, you are entering their home. When they open the envelop, you are introducing yourself. Upon reading every word and seeing the images in your letter, you are there, talking to them and inviting them to try your product/service or visit your store. There is still something greatly personal in reading a good sales letter compared to seeing everything through the screen.

Stand out from all the emails: Nowadays an average working person receives dozens or even hundreds of emails per day. These include personal messages, work-related emails, news and updates, notifications, and marketing or sales pitches. Imagine throwing your message in the pile at the risk of not being read, getting deleted, or worse, being labelled as “spam.” Mail, on the other hand, is becoming less and less. Therefore, your competition in that platform is going down as well. In general there is a higher chance that your target market will take a look at your direct mail than an email.

Direct mail is more than just mail: It can be creative, fun, and intriguing. You can add designs to your envelop to match the holidays, use handwriting fonts on the outside, make your mail lumpy to add mystery, and even add small coupons, catalogs, or exciting freebies inside.

For more information on how to utilize traditional marketing tools such as direct mail, please visit our blog again soon. You can also contact us here at Ozment Media for a free consultation on how to boost your brand’s marketing efforts. Thank you and have a nice day!