Finding Your Facebook Page’s Target Market

When creating a Facebook page, one of the most crucial steps is determining your target market. In fact, here at Ozment Media, one of the first things that we want to know is who you want to reach.

In every post, every photo or video, and even in every line you say to your audience, you need to address a certain group of people who are most suitable for your brand. Here are some factors that you can consider when picking a target group:

  • Is your product specifically for children aged eight years old and below? Are you after moms aged 25 to 30? There are certain products dedicated to a certain age bracket. For example, if you’re selling a toy, is it safe to use for kids of all ages (even for kids at heart), or only for a very young level? Knowing your market’s age range definitely narrows down your entire content.
  • Is your brand only for one gender? If so, remember that even if you’re selling make-up or beauty products for women, you still have occasional male page viewers who are looking around for a gift for their girlfriends, moms, sisters, and wives. Because of this, it is best that you make sure that your page isn’t too gender-oriented, which can become unfriendly to the opposite sex.
  • Are you aiming to speak to Latin Americans or Asians in your area? There are certain products dedicated for a specific cultural group. Meanwhile, there are others who are after a more sophisticated market. Cultural background is very important in setting the tone of your entire Facebook page.
  • Likes and interest. It is not enough for one to determine their market’s age, gender, and cultural background. You also need to know if your audience is a Twilight or Harry Potter fan; a Star Wars or Star Trek follower; or even a film or TV person. Knowing their interests can even help you mold your entire product line.

Aside from the above-mentioned factors, there are other means in pinpointing your target audience. Give us a call or email here at Ozment Media for a free consultation to help you out.