The Benefits of Content Marketing

Content writing is when you’re able to dedicate your resources for the specific purpose of generating educational blogs centered on a particular problem. And while that is the definition of content writing in a nut shell, this isn’t where it stops.

Content writing is credited with playing a major role in influencing the current size and shape of the internet. The basic strategy is simple; a content writer with expertise in a particular niche is able to design helpful, original pieces of writing based on certain keywords.

Finding a way to balance keyword optimization and the creation of helpful content is the key to ranking higher on Google. If you’re still not sold on the idea of using blog writing for your business, let’s analyze some of its more important benefits.

Increasing Customer Engagement

When you have more helpful content on your site, the customer will spend a proportionate amount of time navigating your website. Useful articles will give your customers more reasons to stick to every page, creating awareness about your brand and eventually leading to higher conversion rates. Some businesses try using spinners to recreate someone else’s writings. Least to say, this doesn’t work as it should.

Higher Ranking on Search Engines

Search engines are your biggest sources of potential leads. Think of them as a massive cluster of databases that rank websites based on keywords. Every post, page and piece of content you write on your website gives search engines more opportunities to rank you higher for search queries. Try to focus on one specific keyword and create at least 10 articles for it. Wait for a few weeks and check later for your website’s keyword positioning. The trick is to target long tail keywords.

You’ll notice higher ratings. Just be aware of keyword cannibalization.

Higher Domain Authority

Having several blogs dedicated around one specific keyword helps Google and other search engines perceive your content to be authoritative, relevant and more importantly, trustworthy.

If your blogs end up getting inbound links from external sources, this will increase your website’s authority even further. Just remember that it’s not advisable to ask others to create inbound links for your website. Google’s algorithms could detect such anomalies and penalize your ranking because of it.

Helps Your Brand Reputation

When people start taking your content seriously, it automatically influences your brand’s reputation. The key to this of course is creating content that is helpful and informative. It is one thing to optimize articles based on SEO tactics, it is entirely another to create helpful articles. If your content isn’t helpful and draws out for too long, Google can detect this and penalize your website’s ranking as a result.

Increasing Loyalty

The key to improving sales is to retain older clients. It’s cheaper and requires fewer resources to hold on to clients that are satisfied with your product. Creating content helps to foster that loyalty because they start using your articles as their primary source of information. Think of information control as a powerful tactic used to boost sales.

Creating a digital marketing strategy for your business can be a formidable task if you’re new in the business. At Ozment Media, we have access to trained professionals who know the ins and outs of content marketing and digital marketing. Click here to learn how we can help grow your business.

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