Due to short attention spans of modern consumers, your digital marketing strategy has an extremely narrow window of opportunity to pitch and grab the audience’s attention. This is reflected by the abrupt change observed in social media companies that are now beginning to reward content creators for making use of videos to drive customer engagement.

If you don’t have a content marketing strategy that deals with videos and imagery, you’re at risk of missing out on a large percentage of your target audience. The primary reason why videos are so good at grabbing attention is due to the effectiveness of speech and imagery when it comes to communicating an idea. Hence videos are very conversationalist and seem to have more friendly vibes to them. Let’s discuss some of the top benefits video marketing can give your business.

Videos Help Your Brand’s Trust

Trust is the driving factor behind increased sales. This is the main purpose behind content marketers who specialize in creating long term relationships through delivering helpful and meaningful content. But it was later discovered that dwindling attention spans now require other mediums of communication to build trust. Videos are more efficient at igniting emotions in your target audience.

It’s Easier to Communicate Ideas Through Videos

A good demonstration of how things work is better done through video storytelling. Videos are good at compressing several pages worth of data and reducing it down to a short few minutes. The narrator will play a key role in guiding your audiences every step of the way, explaining how your product or service works by using images and appropriate sound effects.

In the cluttered market space, it is no longer sufficient to rely on words alone; you need a video strategy.

Videos Provide Great Return on Investment

Although creating attractive videos is not easy and requires a lot of resources when compared to content writing. This step has become more seamless through the use of video editing software that have been continuously refined to make the processing step fairly straightforward. In most cases, the camera on your smartphone provides a good enough quality to engage target audiences.

If the content in your video is efficiently able to pitch your idea, product or service to the target audience, then it’s just a matter of time before you get a return on investment.

Videos Grab Attention – Literally

Videos are an easier medium to consume when compared to content writing. Most people don’t have the patience to sit through several hours worth of information and would rather skip to the TL;DR (too long didn’t read) version of your article. This is where videos help make the engagement process much more easier. Even the laziest of consumers will find your videos easy to sit through and make positive decisions.

Helps Improve SEO Rankings

Search engine algorithms look favorably on businesses that use videos to engage with audiences. All you need is a YouTube account to upload videos which can be embedded directly to your site. This has a positive impact on search engines which will improve your overall ranking for keywords.

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