Are You Targeting the Right Market?

Here at Ozment Media, one of our initial steps in helping our clients boost their sales through marketing is determining the target market. After all, knowing your company’s audience will help you find out the right medium or platform to use, which content is appropriate, and what direction should your marketing campaign take.

Here are some of the factors to consider in grasping your target market.

Age – Is your product or service meant for a specific age group? Is it only useful for kids or senior citizens? Some companies focus on a certain age, such as 21-year olds who are eager to enjoy their first year as an adult. Others also target generations, like novelty items for the 90’s kids.

Location and Cultural Background – The medium you will use will highly depend on the demographic that you are targeting. Are you offering services for the entire State of Texas or for a certain county only? If you are after a larger scale of audience, then it is likely that you will need heavy online marketing, while if you are focused on your local community, then you need to secure an outdoor signage, print collateral, local listings, seo, and possibly a website, and social media accounts i.e. Facebook.

The cultural background, on the other hand, will determine the kind of language you will use. If you are likely going to encounter certain nationalities or religious factions, then you need to be careful not to offend cultures. At the same time, learning more about your market’s culture will help you generate more engaging content.

Education – Are you aiming at people enrolled in college or high school? Or maybe you are trying to reach teachers or hands on moms? Many marketers take advantage of a school or institution’s branding and reputation in order to create a rapport with their target market.

Gender – Although this is pretty straightforward, many people still tend to make the mistake of making their marketing campaigns too feminine, too masculine, or even too gender neutral. Hence, it is always important to take a step back and see if you are still communicating with the right gender’s.

Visit our blog as we update it with more information on marketing, whether in terms of traditional or social media. For more ways on how to address your company’s marketing needs, give us a call at Ozment Media and get a free consultation today.

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